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MCO SYSTEMS (www.mco-systems.com) is a company specialising in robust camera systems for the maritime sector.


These compact and rugged cameras are produced by the UK company A.V.O. Systems Ltd. (www.avosystems.com) and have already proven their reliability over the years on many vessels around the world.  With housings machined from solid marine grade aluminium and anodised to marine standard, they are not only able to survive the rigours of a machinery area but are also totally watertight and have been tested to 130 metres by the Oceanography Centre at Southampton in the UK.

As well as fast and conventional ferries, cargo vessels, tugs and workboats, these cameras are fitted to the rescue boats of the R.N.L.I., where they are subjected to the most extreme conditions.  With cameras in the engine room, aft, forward, and both sides of the vessel, the crew are able to monitor unmanned areas and places that they are unable to see from the wheelhouse.

Within our range, we offer a monochrome camera, a standard resolution colour camera and a high resolution version, all of which are able to produce crystal clear pictures.  We also have a day-night camera, providing colour images during daylight or in areas with lighting and switching automatically to black and white when the light level falls below 3 lux.  During night operation, the camera will produce a monochrome picture, even when the light falls to 0.01 lux.

We also have a camera with integral infrared illumination for areas of complete darkness or for underwater use.  This camera also makes a good tool for underwater inspection.

On the latest fair “RotterdamMaritime”, we introduced our new 26x zoom camera. This camera with 26x optical and 10x digital zoom is standard with day/night function. Of course also in our proven watertight housing.

MCO Systems specialise in providing high quality systems that will meet our clients’ requirements and are pleased to of provide bespoke proposals and solutions to achieve this.  Although we are a young company, our personnel have many years’ experience in the marine and associated service sectors and, together with the wealth of expertise and experience of A.V.O. Systems Ltd, we believe that we are able to offer the most comprehensive system for any vessel.

Based in The Netherlands, MCO Systems is ideally positioned to distribute and support systems for many European countries.

If you have any enquiries or would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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MCO Systems